"Quick, safe and righly priced. The moving experienced from Metropolitan Movers was top-notched. I will hire them again! "

Ken Roseworth, King-city

"Metropoliten Movers gave me an excellent service, all in all. Move was done in a short time even with all the things I have to move. The price was reasonable, no hidden or additional costs there. The manner in which the movers did the job was also very professional. Kudos to these guys!-- "

Richard Cloverdale, King-city

I watched these guys from Metropolitan Movers do my move and I have nothing but praises for these guys. First, they are very experienced, the way they handled everything even the diffifult pieces showed that thay have done this before a million time over and that nothing can bother them anymore. Second, they are very cautious with how everything was handled. No throwing and no "bling" manuevers for any of my stuff. They see to it that nothing gets ripped or cracked or any of those by being mindful of the environment. Lastly, they are timely. This means, they came on time, maximized every minute and no dilly-dallying at any point. They understand that you pay by the hour, so you should get what you paid for every second. I honesly would give them a standing ovation, if I could. Great job guys! "

Ryan Gutherland, King-city

Metropolitan Movers King-city

If you're moving in King City, you probably have several stressful things on your mind. You'll need to think about the cost of your new property, the stresses associated with moving to a new area and having to deal with estate agents. Luckily, moving home doesn't have to be as stressful. Here at Metropolitan Movers, we've taken the pain out of moving so you can arrive at your new home and not have to worry about the state of your belongings. Our staff can transport your valuables - from toys to furniture, kitchen utensils to shelves - quickly and safely. They can even help you unpack once you get there.

Unlike other local movers in King City, we are completely flexible. You can choose to move at the weekend or in the evening if you are working during the day and our staff can wait for you if there is a delay on the big day. We're upfront about all of our costs too. No additional fees to worry about and no hassle! That means you won't have any surprises when you move into your new home.

If you own a business in King City, choose us to help you move. Unlike other moving companies, we pride ourselves on customer service. We've helped businesses like yours move quickly without disrupting other employees. The result? You can get straight back to work once you've arrived at your new premises.

For more information about our domestic and commercial moves, just contact us today to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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